You've Been In An Accident


Are You Okay?

Our customers are our priority at Parr, in fact our customers are like friends and family and we know this can be a very stressful time.  Our goal is to take care of you!

We are proud to be an ‘SGI Accredited Collision Repair’ facility which means that SGI has ensured we have all of the tools, equipment and training to safely fix your vehicle.    We will provide you with the best guidance and expertise as you navigate the aftermath of a vehicle accident.

Start Here

File Your Claim

Make your insurance claim

Not going through insurance?

  • Contact us as we can provide advice on how to proceed.
  • We may ask for a few photos and then we will give our recommendations.

Once your claim is in, we will help you make the rest of the process as smooth as possible. Trust our expert team to get your car back to normal as smoothly as possible.

Connect with our Team

Let's get our Experts eyes on your ride!
  • Once you’ve filed your claim with your insurance company and you’ve chosen Parr for your estimate and repairs…
  • An assignment is emailed directly to us.
  • One of our outstanding teammates will get in touch and book you in for your estimate
  • We’ll get you to read and sign our Repair Authorization (which will give us permission to order parts, fix your ride and test drive your vehicle once it’s complete)….read the fine print!
  • We’ll ask you a few more questions about the accident/incident


Your Repair Plan

The Parr Process

Our experts will build a repair plan for your vehicle by:

  • photo documenting all damage of the vehicle
  • provide you a repair booking date
  • research repair procedures and other sources to assist safe and manufacturer approved repairs
  • confirm parts availability and pricing
  • and once it’s in our shop, take good care of your ride!


People like us, they really like us!

“I’m not sure where to begin except that Parr Auto Body is beyond exceptional.  The folks that work there are great, and the overall customer service has been top notch in every single aspect.  They went out of their way to make our family’s experience painless and trouble free.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful these people are especially Chelsea, Don and Brayden!  Thank you very much for everything.” – D. Patrick